Internal Complaint Committee

Internal Complaint Committee

To ensure that all individuals are treated with equal respect and no discriminatory treatment is meted out to anyone on grounds of gender alone, ICC has been constituted in the institute as per norms.


S.No. Name Designation Contact No.
1 Smt. Kanti Uikey - Committee Head Lecturer, Elect. Engg. 7771079125
2 Smt. Asha Bedi - non-institutional Comm. member शिकायत महिला उत्पीडन समिति जिला एवम सत्र न्यायालय, बालाघाट 7089773750
3 Mr. Y Chile I/C HOD, Elect. Engg. 7697451361
4 Ms. Uma Ghosh I/C HOD, CSE 9977018004
5 Mr. Ramesh Rangare I/C Head Clerk 9827907421
6 Smt. Pushpa Rana Store Keeper ----'----
7 Mr. Pradeep Lilhare Head, Class 3 Employee Union 8878840128
8 Smt. Pustkala Shyamkunvar Helper 9407308601

Applying Procedure:

If student / employee has any grievance related to above subject, he/she can submit written application to committee members by contacting them.